Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goings On


It's been a while, hasn't it? A lot has happened. We got a house, we lost it and now we're buying a different house. I've gone back to work and both kids are in a new school. All of that will have to wait, though, because I want to talk about my weekend.

Most weekends are full of this and that, errands and park visits, etc.. However, last Friday, I kissed my kids and husband goodbye and got on a plane headed to Minneapolis. I've been reading Matt's blog since I was on maternity leave with Luke. One day I stumbled upon a blog that was set up to collect items and donations for Matt and Maddy. In the last 16 months or so I have gotten to know some amazing people and have seen an idea turn into an organization that helps people in need.

On Saturday, the Liz Logelin Foundation had it's first official 5K Walk/Run at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. It was nice morning, and by nice I mean not already 90 degrees.

Lake Calhoun

As the park filled up with people I saw first hand the power that Matt's story has wielded in the blogosphere.

Photo Op

It was a great turnout and despite the bugs who tried to eat us alive, we were able to raise a lot of money to help families who really need it.


After the walk, I hung out by the pool with some wonderful folks! You can't see me because I was hiding in the shade with the pale people.


That evening I may or may not have sung a lot of karaoke with this lovely lady.


Luckily, there aren't any photos of that......I hope.

Sunday, I put on a nice dress for the first time in...I can't remember.....and climbed the steps to the Calhoun Beach Club for The Liz Logelin Foundation Gala. It was the result of months of work, hours of donation solicitation and a lot of stress. It was worth the sleepless nights. There were some awesome auction items:

Auction Item

good things to eat

Robot Cake


and wonderful new friends

Kate & Lauren

Tuttles & Duffs

The generosity of the people attending brought everyone to tears. Because of that generosity the foundation will be able to help several young families who have suffered the loss of a parent. There is still time to help. We are also having an online auction and it's going on right now. If you think you can help or want to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping, go here.

I've always admired Matt. Not only is he doing an amazing job as a single parent, but he took a horrible situation and made it into something positive. It's easy for me to get involved in my own life. It's easy to forget how lucky I am. This was just the reminder I needed.