Friday, April 17, 2009

Reaching Out and Searching

I think a lot of the blogging world is still in shock and still thinking about the Spohr family. At least, I am. Heather once wrote about what you can do for parents of preemies who are still in the NICU. I am thinking about getting some parental survival bags together in honor of Maddie. You can find that post here.

Other suggestions specifically for the Spohr family can be found here. When I started this blog it felt really odd to reach out to someone I had never spoken to or met, but I've come to realize the power of a "stranger" and how it can really mean a lot that someone across the country is thinking of you. I hope Heather and Mike are gaining a little comfort from all of our thoughts and prayers.

Meanwhile, as I hug Luke a little tighter, life goes on. We are house hunting in earnest, now. We have a loan approval good for 90 days and have been searching for the right home. I was always an apartment dweller before M and I got married and have never been through this process. I am trying not to panic. I was 30 weeks yesterday and we have a very small two bedroom house that M bought when he was single. We've stayed there because it is almost paid off and the mortgage is low. As usual, we've waited too long to start this process and now I have the sensation that the walls are closing in on me. I don't need a mansion, I just need more space. House hunting in this area is complicated by hurricanes. What is the elevation of the property? Was it damaged during Ike? If it's near the water, will the insurance be too expensive?

My friend, Teal, made the comment that nothing will take you down faster than stress. It's true, and I really try to focus on what is important. We have a house, we are trying to be very careful with our money, we are both working and we aren't struggling financially like so many others. When my blood pressure creeps up, which is has been doing a little bit, lately, I go back to my yoga breathing and try to remember that people have had babies under much worse circumstances. We are all healthy and we have each other.

I guess this is what goes into such a big purchase. I just try to keep telling myself to have some faith - things will work out. Everything will be ok, right?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009



If you haven't already, you can visit Heather Spohr's blog here. The site crashed because of all of the visitors. If you would like to donate to the March of Dimes or donate to the family to help with expenses, you can go here for all of the information you might need. This is a reminder that the March of Dimes provides a valuable service to parents who have preemies and need help wading through the maze of confusing information. Support is so important when you feel you are alone, and even though I have (thankfully) not had to experience a preemie birth first hand, I think we all know someone who has. Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14th) the Spohr family has asked that we all wear purple to honor Maddie. Even if you never heard of the Spohrs before now, I hope you will put on a little purple in honor of Maddie and all babies who come into the world a little early.

Speaking of good causes, another foundation that is near and dear to my heart will be getting some publicity today. Matt is going to be on Oprah TODAY for her show honoring outstanding fathers! If you can, watch it or tape it. I'm sure Matt will be sporting his unique fashion sense and Madeline will be as cute as ever!


I was going to post about how crazy life has been, lately. House hunting, house selling, child raising, pregnancy and school were all topics that took up my every day life. As I sat down to check my Twitter account this morning, I read the devastating news about Maddie Spohr. Many of us learned that many of the things you take for granted in life are gifts. I don;t take for granted that getting married = having a baby on your time line. Now, I realize that taking a healthy child for granted is just as foolish. I never think about whether Luke's next cold will mean a hospital stay or if a stomach bug will put him in ICU. I so take for granted that he will get over his sniffles and other small ailments that come and go. Yet, for so many families, every sniffle and cough is a cause for real concern. My heart breaks for the Spohrs. I can't imagine having to leave the hospital without my baby. I can't imagine coming home to a child's room that is filled with toys but missing laughter.

I'll always try to remember how lucky I am.

You can donate to Maddie's March of Dimes fund here.