Monday, October 12, 2009

Four Months

The days seem to fly by in a blur. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I woke up this morning and realized that Emily will be 4 months old on Thursday

Bundled Up

...and that Luke will be 20 months on the 25th.


How is it possible that in less than two years my life has changed so dramatically? People always told me that once you have children, it will be hard to imagine life without them. That's true, I suppose. It's hard to imagine my mornings without Curious George (thank God for PBS Kids) and Emily "talking" while I hurry to get ready. It's hard to imagine life without the haze of sleep deprivation. A part of me loves the advancement of time and the newness of each day, but another part wants it all to stop because it's just going way too fast.

Soon, we'll all be experiencing another type of change: a new house. We closed on a house at the end of September and will be moving in as soon as we replace some flooring and do some painting. The house hunting roller coaster of 2009 is over!! After months of looking and one contract that had to be canceled (stupid seller), we finally found a house, in a cul-de-sac and next to a park. Even though we are so cramped and very ready to move out of our current house, I know that M and I will have bittersweet feelings about leaving. We've spent our entire married life there and raised our kids (up to this point) there. It's time, though, and I think that we'll make wonderful memories in our new home.

Thanks so much for the comments about privacy in the blogging world. I really appreciate the thoughts. I'm still thinking about a switch to WP so I can protect certain posts, but I haven't made a final decision, yet. If you have made that switch, I would appreciate your thoughts on Blogger vs. Wordpress.


Delenn said...

I totally sympathize with you relating to time. How it goes so quickly, but yet, you want to see the next stage in their development. Oh, wait until Luke starts conversations with you! It is so worth it--and it goes by so fast!

Congrats on the house!

Life in Eden said...

Ooh, a new house -- fun, stressful and exciting. We just did it, and I'm glad but tired!

As for blogger vs. wordpress -- I thought I'd be so happy to switch to wordpress, but I'm not. I use the free version and there are a lot of plugins and little things that you can't do if you don't do multiple upgrades or self-host. I hate that! I thought that blogger maybe did make some changes that allowed some partial protecting, maybe? Double check before switching. If not, then it might be worth it for the whole password thing.

Anonymous said...

It does feel like somebody stepped on life's accelerator lately. I hear you!

Good luck with the move!

AKA T.ea.m

darcie said...

So happy your house hunt is finally over...What a relief that will be.
I too am learning that these days, weeks, months, years are flying by much much much too quickly - in fact, some days I'm getting down right bowled over!
Here's to slowing down and enjoying the moments before they fly by!

Aunt Becky said...

Wordpress is a bit trickier to use unless you know a bit about computers, but you can learn. I have Dave, so I'm lazy to do it myself.

But I love using WP.

Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! They are both just adorable and getting so big!

Courtney said...

The pictures of both the little ones are so adorable. I love that little grin that Emily has.

As for blogging platforms, I am quite happy with my switch to Wordpress. It does seem a little more technical, but I have been able to figure things out (once being helped tremendously by my husband). It just seems like the customizations with WP are endless compared to Blogger.

Anonymous said...

You'll love living on a cul-de-sac with a park! We're on one and it's so freeing to know all the neighbours and to be able to let little ones out to play with their friends without having to be right there because everybody watches out for everyone else's kids too. At least in a couple of years when Luke gets closer to 4, you'll really enjoy that option. Great news on the house!

La La said...

Congrats on the new house!!

Love the pics of the LOs, they are cute beyond words. =)

I *love* being able to PWP particular posts and not others - couldn't blog without it. BUT WP is not as user friendly as Blogger - you can't do as much and its just not as easy to use. For me though, its worth the trade off.

Corina said...

Congrats on the house!