Thursday, January 24, 2008

Forty Days

The countdown continues and the improvements to the house continue, as well! M spent the entire weekend putting up the entertainment center we got during the I.kea death march and I think it looks great! Now, we get to mess everything up again by moving all of the stuff out of the baby's room and tearing up the carpet, etc... I feel so helpless since I can't really lend a hand, so I am trying to do things like cook, clean and do laundry so that M can concentrate on the house projects.

I had my 34 week appointment yesterday and everything is fine. Dr. T took a strep B swab "in case you go into labor." Aaaaagh! That freaked me out! I wanted to yell, "No, not yet! We have too much to do!" Does anyone ever really feel ready? I mean, we have been emotionally ready for a long time, but the physical aspects are different.

I calm myself down by saying that it doesn't matter. We have the P.ack-n-Play and two car seats, so if he does make an early appearance, we have a place for him to sleep and a way to get him home. Also, I don't think he has turned, yet. I still feel kicks in the same spots as always. They are going to do a quick ultrasound to check on him at 36 weeks. "I really want to see him head down at 36 weeks," is what Dr. T said. She has no idea how stubborn my husband's family is. This could be trouble. We go to see the pediatrician today. I know you are supposed to interview more than one, but this Doctor is also my friend MP's Doctor and we see eye to eye on so many things. I think we'll be ok.

There must be something special about 40 Days. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert and 40 days after Easter, Christians celebrate Pentecost. In the Muslim faith, they observe 40 days of mourning after someone passes away. In Kundalini yoga, it is said that after practicing a certain meditation exercise for 40 days you will be transformed. I looked over at my ticker today and see that I have 40 days until my due date. Of course, I admit that after hearing that I now weigh more than my husband, I hope that it will be less than 40 days. Still, it humbles me to think that in 40 days or less my life will change forever.


Anonymous said...

Happy 40 days left!

It is kind of scary to think that you could potentially have the baby any day now, especially when physically your not ready (with the house and everything) or at least that is how I am feeling!

JJ said...

Wow...seems like it has flown by! Cant wait for your little one to arrive!

Artblog said...

Nearly there, wow! It does goes fast, except when you really want it to ;)

You have it all sorted, more than I've done, but I'm so superstitious I won't let myself do more than I should be doing!

Take it easy now :)


Somewhat Ordinary said...

40 Day! I will be 40 days away in a few days and I feel so unprepared, too!!

Here's hoping he is head down soon!

Waiting Amy said...

Only 40 (or less) to go! Great!

I remember when I weighed more than my husband. It was strange.

So excited for you, and hope the bugger gets turned around soon!

Becks said...

Can't believe it's so close Kate!! So excited for you. I'll be just back from honeymoon when you'll be due....can't wait to see the pictures. Hugs x

Cibele said...

Just 40 days! ? wow, your're almost there. I hope that the baby turns soon...I am very excited for you

Courtney said...

And now you are in the 30's??!?? Where is the time going? I am so excited for you, and I hope that your little one decides to turn himself around (and soon)! :)