Monday, February 18, 2008

One Week To Go!

We had our final (hopefully) round of appointments today and everything looked fine. The baby is a very healthy 7lbs 11oz and has moved back to his original one leg up, one leg down position. I have gotten in to a little routine with bed rest. Twice a day I have to stay on my left side without getting up "unless there is a fire" as Dr. T said. The rest of the time I am usually sitting up with my feet up, as well. My exciting schedule:

Spin City Re-Runs
9-10:30am Baby Shows (I used to avoid these, but have recently returned in order to watch the C-section episodes)
10:30-11am You are What You Eat (Excellent show on BBC that I am addicted to)
11am-12pm X-Weighted (Canadian show about people who go on a 6 month program to lose weight)
12pm-1pm Amazing Babies (Basically a show about people not making it to the hospital and delivering in their car)
1pm - nap
2pm - 4pm Rest on my left side again and usually watch a movie or sitcom re-runs.
4pm - Go to the couch and read a breast feeding book
5pm - M comes home

I can't believe that there is only one week to go. M and I are both in a little bit of shock, to tell you the truth. This whole pregnancy has been a little surreal and now here we are. I feel so much that I almost don't feel anything. Nothing will ever be the same, will it?


Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes! One week left, how exciting!

Fertilize Me said...

WOW- one more week! Glad you got into a routine! How exciting!

Courtney said...

Relax away mommy to be! Your little one will be here so very soon. I can't wait for the big announcement, but also so happy to know that things are looking great right now. I'll be thinking of you!

Delenn said...

Happy One week!! It won't be the same, but it won't take too much time before you won't know what you did without him/her.

Cibele said...

One more week?! how excitng! good luck with everything. I cant ait to meet your little one

Somewhat Ordinary said...

One week-WOW!!!! This is so exciting. It seems kind of cool that you know exactly when you are going to meet your little one.

FattyPants said...

Wow only a week. And haha about the show about people that deliver in a car. That would make me panic about the car ride to the hospital big time.

Diana said...

When do you blog? :)

Sounds like exciting days! Looking forward to your little one being here!

Dreamer4agift said...

Only one more week?? My how time flies! Can't wait to hear the good news:) Enjoy the quiet while you can:)

Delenn said...

Wishing you well and good luck!!!