Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Don't Wanna!!

As I watch the weather channel and stalk the National Hurricane Center website I feel like a little kid having a tantrum. I don't wanna evacuate!!!! We are on alert and the space center is preparing to shut down with everyone instructed to wrap their computers before they leave for the long weekend. M wants me to leave for my parents house in the Austin area on Saturday. He is going to board everything up and join us on Sunday. I think that we need to wait and see what this thing does. That's a lot of work for something that probably won't hit us.

I actually have a decent weekend planned. Saturday I plan on working around the house and Sunday they are opening a new Lush store at the mall!! I love their stuff, but I usually have to get it through the mail (expensive since it ships from Canada) and I can't order it in the summer because it will melt. So, this is a good thing. Plus, there will be free stuff. FREE STUFF. Why do we need to leave???

Toys 26w3d

Oh, right.

I joke about it, but I really hope it loses some steam. I would hate to see any loss of life or property. It's just one more reason why I want to get out of this area.


Fertilized said...

They did this to us with Fay. I am sorry

Courtney said...

Hi there! Just checking in to say hello (I know it has been awhile). I hope that nasty storm stays away, but if you head towards Austin and have a free moment let me know!

*Luke is just adorable!

Silver said...

I also hope the storm loses it's bite before it hits you guys!

Take care and good luck

Christa said...

Evacuating sucks. We had to for the fires last October, but we only had a 20 minute warning.

I know you don't wanna, but at least get some pictures and precious items packed up for the 'just incase' factor.

I hope you guys don't get hit! This reminds me I should probably email my family back in Louisiana and check up on them.

Blissfully Teal said...

I think you should wait.

Janna said...

I don't want it to hit anyone!!! I just wish this thing would take a hard right and head out into the Atlantic. Let it go play with Hannah! lol

Shelby said...

I really hope you don't have to evacuate!! Good luck with it though.

And if you ever want Lush stuff without paying hte huge shipping charge, let me know!! I have one about 10 mins from where I work and I"m always looking for an excuse to go there.

Carrie27 said...

The storm still seems so far away to really know for sure where it is going to head. I wouldn't want to evacuate either. I hope it stays away from you!

Stacie said...

Here from ICLW (a little late)

Hoping that the storm loses it punch before it makes landfall. I am with you, I wouldn't want to evacuate either. Better to be safe than sorry, though, if it looks like it will come your way.

TeamWinks said...

Hope you end up dodging the bullet!