Sunday, August 31, 2008

Staying Put

I think it's safe to say that I have had more relaxing Labor Day weekends. We spent Saturday running errands and watching The Weather Channel. (I did manage to get the mall for my FREE STUFF, though.) M worked his ass off getting everything ready. He even painted the plywood so that it looked like a window, complete with shadowing for a 3-D effect.

Window Cover

The fun continued. I happened to be putting towels away in the bathroom when I heard a large crash. I realized that M was outside, on a ladder, trimming some tree branches. I ran outside with visions of broken legs or even worse. M came around the corner holding his back. He was ok, just bruised. It scared the hell out of me. Luke managed to catch a nap in the middle of all the commotion, but he held on, just in case.

We fell into bed at 11pm with plans to wake up early to hit the road. The highway we take my parents house (I-10) is also the highway that everyone uses to get out of Louisiana and Mississippi. I don't know if he was not feeling well or if it was teething, but Luke got up four times. He has been sleeping through the night for several weeks. When we got up at 5am we turned on TWC and discovered that we dodged yet another bullet.

It's an interesting exercise to look around your house and think about what you would be willing to sacrifice. Obviously you can't take everything, but what would you be unwilling to live without? Besides insurance papers and things like birth certificates and passports, do you really need it all? What makes something worth saving?

Whatever the answer to that question is, my thoughts are with the people who are in the path of this hurricane. I hope everyone stays safe.


Cibele said...

OMG, stay safe my friend! Loved Luke's photo... he is so cute

Fertilized said...

Look how cute he is! I hope Y'all get some rest tonight. your hub's did a fantastic job on that plywood. Much Skills!

I keep thinking the same about dodged bullets and Where do I start packing, what stays, what goes? Where do we even go? I guess i really should make a plan.

Stella said...

I'm so glad you've been spared!! I cannot imagine what it's like to have to pick and choose what to take and what not to take!
Stay safe and sound!!!

That "window" looks incredible!

Marissa said...

love the painted plywood!!

i'm so glad you're safe and my prayers are with all of you in that affected area.

Amanda said...

I'm glad you are safe and sound! We are waiting to see what is going to happen here as they are saying it will still be a tropical storm when it gets here and will hang out for a few days. Of course, nothing like what people are going thru on the coast, but it stil makes me nervous!

The Broken Man said...

Hope you missed the worst of the hurricane.

The Broken Man

darcie said...

Wowsers - I hope I'm never in that situation to pick and choose what stays and what you could possibly live without...while I would agree I myself have too much "stuff" - I am certain I can't live without most of it!
Stay safe - thinking of you and yours and all of those affected by Mother Nature's latest fury!
xoxo - Darcie

Karen said...

Wow, I did not know the depth of M's talent! Still trying to figure out why one would need the plywood to look like real windows - I suppose it is a security thing. Or he's trying to trick the hurricane into thinking they are real windows, only to suck the wind out of the hurricane when it is unable to break the "glass" and gets frustrated. I'm all for frustrating the hurricane. ;) KRSC

Mel said...

I am so glad you guys got spared!! We are getting the winds and rain today (it's like 74 here, unheard of in Sept).

Anonymous said...