Tuesday, August 05, 2008

T.S., I Love You

This was my desk on Monday afternoon. With Tropical Storm (T.S.) Eduardo moving in, they closed down the space center and we were ordered to wrap everything and go home. It was a nice day, despite the raging heat, so we went and had some of these.

Luke came along, too, since his daycare closed early, as well.

We charged all of our phones, checked batteries, and waited for the rain to start. Sometime in the night the system moved east and we caught the "dry side" of the storm, meaning it was just another rainy day in Houston. I woke up at 8:00am since M let me sleep in (thank you, thank you) and realized I had not slept that late for almost 6 months! We spent the day puttering around the house and playing with Luke. I even got to play a little bit with the camera M brought home in case he was called into work. It is very nice and very, very out of my price range.

We were very lucky and it turned out to be a nice day off.


Kate said...

How fun. Those unexpected days off are the best! We get a few in the winter, but they've been few and far between the last few years.

Chris said...

Glad you were spared the nasty part of the storm and got to enjoy and extra day with the family.

And seriously, I'm SALIVATING over that margarita!!!

Deborah said...

sounds like an awesome day, actually.

Chris said...

Gah. Thanks for understanding :-( Sorry that you do.

The Broken Man said...

Days off like that are great. Sounds like you had fun!

The Broken man


Cibele said...

Luke is so cute!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is so darn adorable! Glad you made out okay with the TS!

Piccinigirl said...

unexpected days off Rock..so glad you got to enjoy it
(that last pic of Luke is priceless, what a smile!!!)