Friday, May 01, 2009

The Good and The Frustrating

First, the good.

I have become involved with a wonderful organization through a blog that I, and many of you out there, read. It has been a wonderful and challenging experience to see a non-profit go from just an idea to a full-fledged organization. (BTW, if any of you would like to help out with organizing future fundraisers or if you just have a good idea, let me know). A few weeks ago I started getting packages in the mail from some of these lovely ladies (and one man) with the instruction to wait until the 25th to open. It turns out, they planned a surprise virtual shower for me and the baby girl! Luke was more than happy to help me open gifts.

Luke with the Presents

He tolerated modeling the cute outfits for a while....

....but had more fun inspecting the clothes and stealing the bows.

Luke Inspects the Outfit

I was so touched by everyone's kindness. It has been an honor and a blessing getting to know all of you!

Yesterday, I had my 32 week OB appointment. Yes, already 32 weeks. The bonus was that we got a 3D ultrasound. Baby Girl was snuggled into the placenta and chewing on the cord, which freaks me out a little bit. We really couldn't get a great shot of her face, but managed to get one pretty good picture:

32 Weeks

Everything is going well and my blood pressure continues to be good, so I am hoping it stays that way! None of my issues cropped up until 36 weeks with Luke, so that will be the next hurdle.

Now, the frustrating. Many of you gave really good advice about house hunting when I wrote my last post. We actually found a house that we really liked. At least, I thought "we" did. The house itself was in excellent condition, had the floor plan we wanted, and a HUGE kitchen. I was in love. The only drawback was that it was on a corner, but it was in the neighborhood and the corner had a four-way stop. We made a second visit, M took photos, we got our financing in order and then later that night M said he didn't want to put in an offer. He was too afraid to live on a corner. I have to admit, I was crushed. If he had just said that the corner location was a deal killer from the beginning, we would have moved on. It isn't that he didn't want the house, it's that he acted like he did and I got my hopes up. I thought for sure we had an excellent chance of getting into a great house before the baby comes. We are at a stand still. Limited by our many requirements, there are no houses on the market for us to see. That's it. I know that others will eventually come up, at least I hope so. In the mean time, I have that overwhelming feeling that I am drowning in worries.

When I open up cabinets, things fall out. (Yes, I have reorganized and given things away. Lots of things.) We have a very full storage room that costs us an insane amount of money each month. What's in there? Well, among other things, wedding gifts from almost FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO that we were never able to unpack because we didn't have room, even then. My mother-in-law is coming in to help and I have no idea where she is going to stay when I get out of the hospital. I guess we'll be on the pull-out with the baby in the living room.

People tell me not to worry and that we will survive. Yes, we will survive. Yes, there are worse problems to have, for sure. We are healthy, we are employed and we are ok. I am trying really hard not to be a crybaby about this. This isn't a Disney movie, though, and as much as I would like to believe that the field mice will come in and help me try to organize everything, it isn't going to happen. Certain things will have to be worked out and it's really overwhelming. I just wish I wasn't dreading my maternity leave because of this. I think I am going have to get out of the house hunting business, for now. It's too hard and too disappointing. I am trying to focus on the positive, although I admit I am kind of sucking at it right now. Every day will get better, though, and something will come up. I hope.


Kelly said...

Sending you lots of good house mojo, one that's pretty and white!!

Kate said...

I'll tell ya... I cannot bear the thought of house hunting. We tried it once, and Bri was just immediately flipped out by the whole thing. I found stuff to like in almost every house; Bri found stuff to hate. That was YEARS ago, and we've never tried looking again. IT. IS. SO. STRESSFUL.

But yeah, blah blah blah, grateful to have a house at all, yadda yadda yadda. ;-)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

You have beautiful children!

I can only imagine what it would be like to have a toddler and a newborn. I'm sure it will be overwhelming, but a total blessing! Hope the house hunt is over very soon!

Aunt Becky said...

That baby is flipping cute. And that toddler? ADORABLE.

I'd be freaking out too. Hang in there, my friend.

Fertilized said...

Good luck looking for a house. My husband and I attempted one time in our marriage, and I am suprised we are still married because it was just that much fun! not. I am so sorry that you are having to house hunt while pregnant. So much Work.

What a great group of Friends! Congrats to you and your new loot!

FattyPants said...

Man house hunting is hard. I hope you find something soon. What a sweet suprise of a shower too. I just can't believe your 32 weeks already. It just goes so incredibly fast doesn't it?

andrea said...

very cool about the "shower"!!
and house hunting does suck - we are on a tight budget which makes it quite the challenge....
but yes - everything will be fine!

Delenn said...

Love the pictures. I hear you on the lack of storage issue. We bought our house 10 years ago. We MEANT to be in this house for only 5 years. And now the market is awful, so--I just put it somewhere out of my line of vision (Just don't go down to the basement!)

Try not to stress about it too much.

Things will work out.

Umm...just curious--why is being on a corner bad?

butterflyanla said...

May you soon be granted strength. Everything will work out. It will be o.k.

Artblog said...

What a lovely idea, such nice people :)

The pics look great and I love the one with baby girl snuggled up against the placenta.

I get you on the house hunting, I remember mine, it was a nightmare and I wasn't even pregnant yet. I think you can manage in the event you're still there when she comes, you wouldn't want to buy any old house and regret it later if it isn't 100% so maybe its a blessing in disguise.

Good luck though, HUGS.

Courtney said...

You can't possibly 32 weeks already! Really??!? Well, you look really great and Luke looks adorable like always (and such a great little model).

The shower does sound like a wonderful surprise by some wonderful people. Looks like you got some great things.

Sorry to hear about the house- hunting experience. The whole thing can really cause some serious stress, not to mention having the deadline of a little one on the way. Hopefully something will come up and it will put that other house to shame. :)

ryanandjoesmom said...

I've said it before, but wish I could have been at that shower with you - not in the shower with you. :)

I know the house thing will all come together. You will find it.

Amanda said...

Wow!! A virtual shower! How cool! You got some adorable stuff!

During my 3D ultrasound, Brooklyn hid in the placenta too. We didn't see her face very much. She was being shy. You're right, the chewing on the cord thing is kinda freaky! I've never heard of that!

I hope y'all get the housing situation worked out. I know it's frustrating :(

Kellie said...

That sucks. But let me tell you, we live on a corner and I actually love it! You only have neighbors to one side and behind you and then a whole street separating you from the rest! And then just put up a fence and you're good to go!

Anyway, good luck. You'll find something you both love eventually!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a house on a corner and loved it! My parents bought it when my mom was pregnant with my brother, my sister was 3 and I was 6. My parents still live in that corner house and one thing that is great is all of the parking for big family parties!

jon, lara + lydia said...

hi--i happened upon your blog by doing google searches trying to figure out what matt + madeline are doing in new york this week. i've been following his story since the beginning.
i love your blog and send good wishes your way with baby #2 on her way. if you need assistance with any fundraising/events for the liz logelin foundation, let me know!