Thursday, May 17, 2007

8 Random Things....

Ok, here we go:
8 Random things about myself

1. I hate, I mean HATE bananas. I don't know if it is the texture or what, but I can't stand them.

2. I have a cat named Banana. He was named Banana at the shelter and I just couldn't change his name. It seemed so cute. His sister is named Mango.

3. My ancestors came over on the Mayflower. I have always been interested in genealogy and My Uncle Bob has painstakingly traced our family back to G.eorge S.oule who, by the way, had nine freaking kids! Also, my ancestors were British loyalists during the American Revolution. Oops.

4. I collect Rosaries. I became Catholic shortly before M and I got married and I have been collecting them ever since. I like the way one object can be represented in so many different ways by so many cultures. I have some that have coffee beans for beads, one fancy one from the Vatican and one very simple one made of wood from Costa Rica, amongst others.

5. I want a hedgehog. I friend of mine rescued a hedgehog (very weird for Texas) and it is the cutest thing you have ever seen. It reminds me of Beatrix Potter (Mrs. Tiggywinkle)!

6. I once met Keanu Reaves. I was a DeeJay at my college radio station and we went to hear his band, D.ogstar, and also to get a recording of him for a station promo. He was taller than I thought and very nice.

7. I hate having my picture taken. This is weird since M is a professional photographer. I've gotten better, but it still makes me uncomfortable.

8. I once told a group of a.stronauts to stop complaining. When I was still teaching M and I were enjoying our usual Friday happy hour and were talking in a group about work. When a few of the a.stronauts started complaining about how hard their job was, I told them that none of them would last 5 minutes in a room with 25 six-year olds, but if they wanted to trade jobs to let me know. They immediately agreed I was right. I know there are a few teachers out there and they can back me up on this one! :)

My 2ww starts tomorrow....yippee?


Reproductive Jeans said...

Great 8! Thanks for sharing--that is too funny about you not liking bananas, and your cat is named banana...ironic=)
I am big into genealogy too--that is so awesome you have that history!
Fun 2ww...sending braces bunch mail can help get ya through=)

TeamWinks said...

Perhaps your hubby could give mine a lesson or two! Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. Unlike you though, I enjoy having my picture taken. It documents your life, and capturing happy moments is such a blessing. However, not so much when the picture is fuzzy and your head is chopped off!

Cibele said...

Great 8!!!!!!!!
I am big into genealogy too... last time I went to Brazil I spent a lot time with my grandfather. He is 80 years old but has an awesome memory. I was able to trace back 3 generations (he remembers date of birthday and death, can you believe it?) My mom's dad and my dad's mom are Portuguese descendents, my mom's mom has some native Brazilian in her and my dad's dad is black! fun fun fun...I came out with a somewhat fare skin and curly hair… I have cousins of all colors. I can wait to see how my kids will looks like