Monday, May 14, 2007

Just Peachy, Thanks!

Well, here I am buying peaches in F.redericksburg, TX. If you are ever in the T.exas H.ill Country, F.redericksburg is the cutest little town and the location of our little mini-break this weekend. M and I decided that we needed a vacation so we booked a room at a really cool hotel, drank beer (it is a G.erman town, after all) and wine (there are at least five wineries in the area) and tried to take it easy.

On the way home we decided to stop and get peaches which are very good in this area. Do you see the box the teenager is holding? We got all of those! I have given away as many as I can, but I am still left with many, many peaches that are ripining as I type! If you have any good recipes that use peaches, pleeeease e-mail me. I am running out of options here!

I have gotten some really great notes from The Braces Bunch and if you haven't joined I highly recommend it. It's so nice to get a little mail at the end of the day that isn't a credit card offer or an ad from a carpet cleaning service. I am going to send out several more notes tonight.

I am feeling pretty good as my last DIY two week wait begins this week. I'm making appointments with the RE, as well. I'm covering my bases, I guess.

I keep thinking about a little saying that my high school drama teacher had posted on her wall:

Hope for the best
Expect the worst
Life is a play
We're unrehearsed


hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

Hi Kate!

Those peaches look tasty! The ones in my neck of the woods are still pretty pathetic looking.

Did you do a lot of theater? I really enjoyed it in high school and college. No time now..

Is it too late to join the Braces bunch? It sounds like fun. I like getting and receiving mail!

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

Thanks for the Braces Bunch info! I think I will join.

I like the H2H nickname. Alot easier than typing out the whole drawn out thing...

Courtney said...

Fredericksburg is a great place to visit! It is very close to where I live and my husband and I have been to a few b&b's there.

I love the saying that you have at the bottom of your post. I think that just sums it up perfectly. :)

TeamWinks said...

Wow, that certainly is a whole bunch of peaches! Peach cobbler sounds great! Mmmmm...

A mini break sounds so wonderful. Wish hubby and I could do that....hmmm, maybe we can. Better look into that. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cibele said...

Hi Kate,
I am also part of the Braces Bunch.. I just got the list of addresses today and I be sending out my notes. I try to find some recipes for you!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. The only reason that my husband know what TTC means is because I brain washed him!!!

Becks said...

mmmmm peaches. Send some to England - I'll eat them!

Glad you had a nice break.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Oh, those peaches look so good! I wish you could send THEM through the Braces Bunch!

I've been enjoying getting the mail and will hopefully get a chance soon to go get the post cards I plan on mailing out first.

Reproductive Jeans said...

I hope the last comment went through--I know you have to moderate it first, but it may not have posted--=(
Short and sweet: I LOVE peaches--wish I could have you send some through the snail mail with the bunch!=)