Friday, May 25, 2007

My Two Cents

I am an avid NPR listener. The other day they interviewed a woman who wrote a book about ART and it's downside. Ok, fine. There can be a downside. I admit that I may be a little sensitive about this issue, but it just came across as judgemental and over simplified. It's not too long if you care to listen.

So, I wrote into the show and they read my letter! I couldn't believe it! They didn't read the whole thing, but if you want to hear what I said, here you go. It's the second letter they read. The part they left off was my point that the face of infertility is one of many different races, religions, income levels, ages, and genders. So there.

I love JJ's idea, so I am going to have a picture page, as well! Let me know what you want to see in my oh-so-lovely town of H.ouston, TX and I will start snapping pictures!


Reproductive Jeans said...

Awesome that they read your letter-you go girl!!!

Oh yay! Glad you will have a picture page too!

I have been to Houston many times--just never stepped foot outside the airport=)

Will you take a picture of your favorite spot you frequent?

Courtney said...

Good for you! My husband told me about this interview but I missed out. Thank you for including the links in your post so I could catch the story (and your letter!). I am okay with the statistics that the author provides, but she could really afford to drop her judgemental tone.

TeamWinks said...

I listened to it all, and it was quite interested. Job well done for adding another dimension to the conversation!

So, as far as what I want pictures of...

1. A creative picture of you and your hubby (doesn't have to include faces.)

2. The computer and room you post from most frequently.

3. The one item you would run back into your burning house for.


4. Your toes.

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

That was you? I heard your letter and was glad someone was sticking us for us-IFers. Thanks!

The author makes it sound like IFers and REs are fighting nature. Frankly, I think it is nature that is fighting us.

It does make me nervous, though. My RE also said that multiples were pretty rare, which I know is not really true. I would hate to work this hard for a baby(ies) and feel like I contributed to their disabilities. It is something that IFers don't take lightly, and that wasn't captured in the NPR piece.

Baby Blues said...

I'd like to see...
Something old.
Something new.
Something borrowed.
Something blue.

Or a photo of a place you would bring me, or any tourist, if I were to visit your town. :-)

Aurelia said...

I'm so glad you spoke up! So many of us don't and we need to get the real face of infertility out there instead of just Doctors and ethicists. I agree, the authors stats are correct, but she makes it sound like the couples are at fault, and really Docs need to be more honest with patients, and discuss the reality of multiple births.
IF treatment doesn't have to mean multiples. We can have safe treatment.

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

NPR has always been a dream of mine. Someday, when I have my first book, I hope I get to do an interview on-air.

Congrats to you!

Sticky Bun said...

SO fun that they read your letter!

And, I second the picture of the thing you'd run back into your house for. (That's way better than anything I would have come up with. :-)