Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nobody Panic

I feel very lucky right now. Our house is fine. Other than a large branch from the tree in our yard and little water that came in the house, we have no damage. None. Despite the 110 mile per hour winds that we know must have come through our neighborhood and the fact that the eye passed over our little house, everything is fine. M went to Clear Lake today with our fellow evacuee, Tom, and assessed the damage. This was the first thing M saw as he walked in the back yard:

Back Yard

The chimney was there. We were expecting to see it in the yard.


We were very worried about our large maple tree and it did suffer some damage. A large branch on the top snapped off and fell down through the tree. Luckily, it fell in between the back of our house and the back of our neighbor's house. This was is a really large branch and would have done substantial damage if it hit the roof.



My office is ok:

Kate's Work

The favorite hangout of many space center employees is ok:


M even found a really pissed off cicada who was probably wondering what the hell happened.


Others we know were not as lucky. One friend, who was not in an evacuation zone, had part of his roof collapse while he was in the house with his family. My friend Dom, who is my cooking blog partner, stayed behind. He is a volunteer fireman on the side and stayed in Seabrook, which you probably saw on the news. His house has two or three feet of water in it, but he hasn't even been there yet because he is rescuing people who are trapped. He always puts others first.

People have started going home, but there is no gas, no power, and the temperature is not forgiving. The aftermath is the real misery. My deepest sympathies go out to the people who have had damage in their homes, or who have to return to their homes because they don't have a long-term evacuation possibility. I want to go back, but without a/c I can't possibly bring Luke. It's fine here at my parents, though. Since we are on the same grid as the space center, I am hoping that we will have power again soon. I have a feeling we will be helping our less fortunate friends with their clean-up.

Obviously, the Houston walkers for the Liz Goodman Logelin 5k are going to change their location. Kemah is under water and will likely stay that way for a while. If you have power and can read this, please gather who you can and walk where you are. There has been a paypal account set up for optional donations, so check Matt's blog in the next few days for the details.

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments. Please keep your good thoughts and prayers coming for those who will be rebuilding. Now I am going to think about how lucky I am.


Silver said...

So glad your house survived... what an awful storm.

Kate said...

Life is so random.

It's a real mind-fuck.

Stella said...

So glad you're ok!!

Keeping everyone in my prayers!

matt_in_the_los_angeles said...

glad to hear that everything is okay...

seussgirl said...

Glad to hear you and your house are okay! I've been worried. I hope everything else is restored quickly.

The Broken Man said...

Really glad you're all ok (and so is the house). Thinking of you,

The Broken Man

Piccinigirl said...

thank goodness you are ok. Keeping you all in my prayers.

JJ said...

So glad you all are OK!

Christa said...

Happy to hear your house is ok! So sorry about your friends though. My family made it through ok as well. Just a little wind damage.

Hurricane's are major asshats!

Mel said...

So glad you are ok!!!!! What a nightmare, the news makes it look so dire, and I cannot imagine living without power in this heat for so long.

Chris said...

Glad y'all are okay! Close call!

Kellie said...

Glad things made it through relatively unscathed! Lucky you guys! Must have some good karma/luck on your side. :)

BTW, the pic of you and Luke in the hammock below this post is adorable. What a cutie!

LBluca77 said...

I am glad everything is ok with your home and family.

Anonymous said...

So glad your house and family are safe. I don't know what I did in a former life to deserve the good fortune we had in our area. We never lost power or water. Our house has been filled with others we know that are not a lucky. I so wish we could still be able to walk as a group for Matt! Thanks for posting and I hope you are regrouping ok. (My hubby's name is Luke-love the name! ;-)


butterflyanla said...

Glad your home is fine. I wouldn't wish this tragedy on anyone.

darcie said...

Amazing how much and yet how little damage mother nature throws our way in one violent storm - I am soo glad you guys didn't fare any worse than you did - I thought about you ALL weekend...still am!

I'm sure the grandparents are enjoying having you guys around - take your time going's just stuff remember!

Marissa said...

blessed. thats what so many of us really are. even that damn cicada.