Monday, September 22, 2008

A Walk

Things are not back to normal. While M and I are very fortunate to have power, many of our friends are still suffering through long, hot days with no electricity. To make things worse, there have been fires due to poor judgment and exhaustion. (Putting gas in your generator while it's running is not a good idea.) We drove to Dom's to help him deal with the mess that happens after you have a foot of water in your home and as we pulled into his neighborhood, every house had their belongings piled up at the end of their driveway. We stopped talking and just stared.

Dom's Stuff


Although, he did have the redneck set-up going in his front yard

Whiskey Tango Life

...and the essentials

Basic Supplies

It's going to be a long recovery process


People have been keeping a sense of humor, though.

Maid Service

Keep Your Humor

I took a break on Sunday to do something that has been a long time in the making. Although the plans were changed quite a bit due to Ike, I met up with my friend Maura and we took a walk.

Kate in the TX

It wasn't just any walk, it was a walk to remember someone we never met but whose life, and unfortunate death, has touched our lives. It was a walk that gave us time to think about the people that matter to us.


(Yes, I made my son wear a pink hat.)

All of a sudden things didn't seem so bad, after all. Carpet can be replaced. Healing will begin. We will keep helping our friends. We're all in this together. With a nice breeze that cut the heat a little bit, a few words that Matt once wrote popped into my head

it was nice day,

a day


would have loved.

she’s not here

so we loved it for



JJ said...

Luke looks fab in the pink hat--and its for all the right reasons! Great to remember to take each moment and appreciate it...

Danielle said...

You're right about the length of the recovery process. My grandparents got four feet of water in Katrina and lived with my parents for months while repairs were made. Thinking of y'all.

darcie said...

oh Kate - I'm soo sorry you are going through all of this BS with Ike...
I know it doesn't make it any better but we all went though something back in North Dakota during the big floods in 1997 - a lot of folks lost everything and it was all piled up on the streets - sopping wet, moldy, dirty, etc.
We got through it...but it takes awhile.
Hang in there honey - things will be ok.
Sending our love from the MN!
xoxo - darcie

Trafty said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. I'm sorry to see that you've had to deal with Ike...but I'm glad that everyone is OK. It's great that you took the time to participate in the LGLM5k on Sunday - you are setting a great example for your son! (p.s. I'm going to follow your blog now :) )

Silver said...

Wow it's amazing to think of the mess so far away. I wish everyone the best in the clean-up.

So glad you were able to walk for your friend.

Take care and all my best to your family and friends

Teal Marie Chimblo said...

HAA! Luke looks so pissed off in that hat!

I am glad you and Maura went for a walk and had a little time to do something that made you smile. Liz must have been floating in all that loving energy you guys were sending to her, and in her memory.

I know Dom likes camping, but dude, that sucks. Sigh.

Marissa said...

You quoted some of my all-time favorite words written by Matt. I hope next year we can all be together, celebrating Liz's life.

I hope the recovery in your area is quick & smooth - I'm sure its jarring to look around and see what you've seen, much less having to live through it. *hugs*

Becky P. said...

Love your post and want to squish your gorgeous baby. Thanks for all your hard work the last few weeks - your Flickr skills are most excellent and you've done a great job getting everything taken care of for the pictures around the world.

Sending love from the MN!

Michelle said...

That is so great that in the midst of all that mess you were able to take the time to walk for someone that meant something to you. I wish you a well during your recovery process.

Delenn said...

Glad you were able to do the walk despite everything. And who says pink is only for girls!?

Anonymous said...

Love the pink hat!

Thinking about you. We are still cleaning up from May storm damage.

Here from ICLW.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Real men wear pink! I can say that because my son has 2 pink shirts. I just started reading Matt's blog this weekend-I'd like to do the walk next time.

Thinking of you and glad that things are getting back to normal for your family.

Stephanie, Phil, Kayla, Logan & Alex said...

I like the pink house. Thinking of you all as you recover. My uncle and his family live in Houston - they were lucky no damage but still no power.

Here from ICLW.

MrsSpock said...

We had mild storm damage compared to this. Neighbors lost a lot of shingles, and we were without power for 4 days, but no one has their belongings piled on the street.

I agree- real men wear pink!


Aunt Becky said...

Wow. I popped by from ICLW and I'm just wow. Those pictures are just incredible.

Hope that the healing begins soon. I'll be back to check in.

Martha said...

I went through Hurricane Andrew in Florida and the real pain and work is just beginning. Best to you and yours, loved the picture of your cutie pie in his stroller and very touched by your DH's sentiment. *ILCW*

Jenn said...

I did have to laugh at the maid service sign on the door. Touch of humor in grim circumstances. (ICLW)

Courtney said...

This post exemplifies what a kind and giving soul you are. :)

randommsugirl said...

Thank you so much for the photo post offer! i am going to take pictures of pictures (long story) and then email them to you. i hope to have them for you in the next day or two! Thank you so much!


sara said...

Wow - you are so right - it will be quite a recovery process for so many people. I'll be keeping everyone in my thoughts. ICLW